Breaking 80 Golf-IS500 Rangefinder Review

When I was a teen, I used to accompany my dad with his golfing buddies. I would enjoy the game as they played against each. After some time, I decide to start practicing. The one thing that I came to learn is that a laser finder is a vital tool. For my dad and his golfing buddies, intuition fitted their style. For modern golfers like me, a laser finder is vital.

After research, I stumbled upon the Breaking 80 Golf-IS500 Rangefinder. After checking out the features, I was sold on it. As the best golf rangefinder, it has the intelliscan feature. This allows the golfer to have precise distance measurements between two points. The scan mode has a high-quality adjustability which improves on accuracy.

The elegant design has made it appealing to golfers of all ages. You can carry it around and it looks just like the mini camcorder. It has the pin sensor technology which utilizes lasers to identify targets. For example, you can measure the distance from the ball to where the flag is. According to best golf rangefinder reviews, this technology has revolutionized the device.

Who is it for?

Among golfers, it is widely known that scoring the 80s target mark is quite a challenge. To achieve this, you need a lot of luck and target practice. Companies have come forward to help ease the game of golf for the players. According to best golf rangefinder reviews 2016, technology has finally found a way to help golfers. This is why the Breaking 80 Golf-IS500 Rangefinder is the best device that money can buy. So who uses it?

a. Professional golfers

b. Novice/practicing golfers

c. Casual golfers.


It is fitted with several features that not only makes it appealing but also useful. They include:

  • Pinsensor 3
    It comes with the third generation Pinsensor software which is designed with first target priority. It allows the device to quickly lock on the flag while ignoring background objects. This allows the golfer to accurately measure the distance between the ball and the flag. With the right shot, the ball will definitely hit the mark.
  • Intelliscan
    The scan mode accompanying the best golf rangefinder allows the golfer to grab the range and multiple targets too. In a golf course, there are several objects in the background. From trees to water bodies and even buildings. This can be distracting if the device did not have intelliscan. The technology allows the rangefinder to conduct continuous scanning of the course. This provides the golfer with accurate measurements. All this is achievable in 8 seconds.
  • Smart slope
    The smart slope technology is useful, especially on a slope. Since you want to fine tune your selection of clubs, you can use the technology to help you achieve this with ease. With the right club at hand and a good eye on the ball, you can make the shot of your life.breaking 80 golf is500 rangefinder
  • Lifetime warranty
    This is better news for golfers looking to purchase the Breaking 80 Golf-IS500 Rangefinder. The producers offer a lifetime warranty which protects the owner in case the device is damaged. You can have a replacement shipped to you or it can be repaired at a low cost.
  • Elegant and compact design
    It has an elegant design that looks attractive. It fits well in the palm of the user allowing for better scanning and measurements. The material used improves on grip preventing the rangefinder from slipping off the hands.
  • Water resistant battery compartment
    It is designed with a water resistant battery compartment. This does not mean that you can drop it in water. This allows you to use it in single mode when flag seeking or continuous measurement which is in scan mode.
  • Clear images
    According to best golf rangefinder reviews 2016, the device has a 6x monocular. This provides the user with clearer images thanks to the multiple coatings. Complete adjustments can also be made.

You can see the video to know about its features in an interactive way.

Pros & Cons

a. Affordable– the model is offered at an affordable price compared to other brands in the market. You can get to save by buying the best golf rangefinder.
b. Smart technology – the Pinsensor 3, intelliscan and smart slope are great technologies that improve on scanning and measurement taking.
c. Compact design – it fits well into the palm of the user.
d. User-friendly – from the word go, you can easily use the rangefinder even though you have not used it previously.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I buy it?
The rangefinder is affordable and you can buy it from major online stores like Amazon. You can simply make a search on the platform using the brand name. This should give you the product you are looking for.
2. I am used to making intuitive choices when playing, do I need it?
Yes, you need the rangefinder. You can improve on your game when you implement it to take measurements for you.
3. I have read somewhere that it slips from the hand when used?
This is quite unfortunate but it can be corrected. All you need to do is ensure that your hands are dry and not oily.
4. What is the maximum distance it can measure?
Thanks to the multilayer coated monocular lens, it can magnify up to 6 times. It can measure objects as far as 5-440 yards.

Final Verdict

The Breaking 80 Golf-IS500 Rangefinder is a great product to invest in. With the intelliscan, you can scan the course and take accurate images and measurements. The multilayer monocular can magnify 6 times providing clear images. The pinsensor 3 software is designed with first target priority which locks onto the flag and ignores the background objects.
With this rangefinder, you can make your game awesome.

Review Overview

Features – 4.5 out of 5

Value – 4.5 out of 5

Durable 4.2 out of 5

Look and Feel 4.5 out of 5

Overall 4.3 out of 5.

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