Bushnell Pro 1M Slope Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

Although there is a very slight to no significant enhancement done compared to its predecessor, Bushnell Pro 1M Slope Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder is among the "best golf rangefinder" line up in the market now. With its advanced digital technology features, such as its vivid display technology, which gives it a clear display of the distance readings which is adjustable with lighting conditions.

Although, providing a quick read of the object distances may be quite a challenge as it has a limited ability to quickly receive multiple distance readings; and obtaining the slope distances may be a bit difficult or the process can be a bit demanding and not advisable if you are looking for a quick read.

Who is it for?​

This golf range finder is mainly designed for those who are looking for a golf device that could help in further improving their game and skills.

It is designed to have an incredible one mile range capability, which is supported by its vivid display technology which allows it to function well under any lighting conditions; also, a slope compensation technology and an unprecedented accuracy that makes it a must have equipment for avid golfers.​


  • High Quality Optics: With its seven-times of magnification, it can reach more or less five yards or one mile of distance to provide a wide field range for accuracy; and with its premium lens coating, it still gives an optical quality.
  • Slope Technology: Aside from its magnification abilities, the slope technology allows the golfer to see distance ranges on uphill shots. Without the slope technology, measuring distances on an angle may fall short, but with its built- in accelerometer- based inclinometer, it gets to digitally provide an exact slope angle.
  • Digital Technology: With this rangefinder’s advanced digital microprocessor, the 1M Slope Edition can give its accurate calculation of distance reading. It also releases invisible and infrared energy pulses which are proven to be safe for the eyes.
  • Built in Rain Mode: The 1M Slope Edition is also waterproof, with a rain guard coating on its lens to help shed water drops, when rain tends to pour while you are on the field
Bushnell Pro 1M Slope Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder

Pros & Cons

  • PRos
  • cons

•With its wide range of magnification and clear optic quality, it will give you an easier chance of seeing and measuring up the required force you will need to make your next shot.

•It also allows you to see distance even on uneven slope fields.

•Angular adjustments can be done easily, as it can lock readily onto flagsticks from approach distance.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Is the Pro 1M Slope edition Solely for Golf?

A. As long as there are no tree limbs in the way, you are good to go. Although, Bushnell has a rangefinder specifically designed for hunting as the golf rangefinder will take the shortest distance measured.

Q. What is E12 error code?

A. It is a code that appears when the rangefinder that you got has a faulty electrical boards; this simply means that you must simply return the device to Bushnell.

Q. How long does the warranty last?

A. The Bushnell Pro 1M Slope Edition has about two years of warranty and could only be extended up to an additional one year.

Final Verdict

​The Bushnell Pro 1M Slope Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder is designed to help golfers have an easier grasp when it comes to the distance of the ball to the hole. With its advanced digital technology feature, it is sure to give about the most accurate reading whether or not the field is full of slopes.

​Golf laser Rangefinder are a technological advancement which helps with making the sport of golf be more appreciated and enjoyed, especially by beginners. Although, it is a known fact that golf as a habit is not cheap, so does this device; it is an investment that you must be sure of before purchasing.

It is a good device that will not be harmful for the eyes as it is protected and ensured to be eye safe even with its infrared releasing feature which helps provide an accurate and quality vision.​

Review Overview

​Design - 4.5

It has a promising and durable design but it could be a bit bulky and tend to be heavy depending on how one handles it.

Features – 5

Due to its advanced technological features, it is considered an advancement in its line of product; which can help provide accuracy, not harmful to the eyes and is waterproof.

Components – 4

It has electronic components that require extra special care to avoid it shortening its expected product life span.

Price – 3.5

The product can be a bit pricey especially if you are one who is just starting out with golf and does not see yourself further pushing through with the habit.

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