Laser Link Red Hot 2 Golf Rangefinder Review

The Laser link red hot 2 rangefinder is a very rich device for golf enthusiast as it comes with most of the features useful for golf players on the course. It is both lightweight and has a targeting of up to 1000 yards. It is also very accurate. It is pistol shaped so that users hold the handle and point it towards their targets so that the red dot in the viewfinder points at your target.

This device can effectively be used in targeting any object as long as it is on the golf course by simply pushing a button.

Who Is It For?

This device is designed so that users do not have to hold it close to their eyes to know the distance to their targets. The purpose is successful as you would not need to hold it over your eye, except your target is not reflective enough. Having said this, because of its design, its compact size and its lightweight, anybody can use it, whether you are a professional golf player or not.

laser link red hot 2 rangefinder

Also, it is also easy to operate as you change between modes with a single button push which further facilitates its ability to be used by anyone.​

However, it is best to be aware that the device is a basic one so it might lack some advanced features that are necessary for advanced and professional golf players.​


  • Easy To Use

The Red hot which is designed so that it is easily held like a gun is very easy to use. The red hot is aimed at the target and then the distant is displayed on the screen. This system can easily be used for easy-to-target objects. However, in a situation, if the object is not easy to target like flag sticks that do not have prism, you would have to hold the device over your eyes and then wait for the red hot 2 confirm if it has locked into the target.

This means that the device is only easy to use if the target is reflective.​

  • The laser has only one button. This button fires the laser and can be used to change settings.​

Convenience​: Users are able to change between measuring units by using the only button the red hot 2 comes with. This means that you do not have to be stuck with one measuring unit as most rangefinders do not have this option. Also, you can easily use the button to select the audible beep or a soft vibration to let you know when the device has locked in on the target.

Distance Reading: This device analyses measurement to trees up to 400 yards and 800 yards to a laser link reflector. It is noteworthy that it would be moderately difficult to get an accurate distance between flagsticks if there is not flagstick reflector. I recommend that you use Laser Link flagstick reflectors so that you can have consistent.

Although the device has one targeting mode, it can be used for panning effectively. It can also be used in pin locating as well.

Compact Size: One of the things that make this product stand out from the rest is its size. It is very lightweight and convenient to hold because of its ergonomic handle. It is also very portable as it is small enough to fit into a moderate sized pocket. It weighs only 6.4 oz. which includes the weight of the battery.

Pros & Cons

  • pros
  • cons

• When targeting non reflective objects, it is not easy to use.

• Distance analysis do not work fast on non-reflective objects.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Can You Change Measuring units?

A: Yes You can.

Q: Does it come with a protective case?

A: Yes it does

Final Verdict

The Laser link red hot 2 Golf Rangefinder is designed in such a way that it is very easy to target reflective objects. Its compact size makes it easy to hold out and it comes in the shape of a radar gun so that all you are required to do is to hold out the device and let the red dot lock on the object. If the object is reflective, you would not have to wait for long. However, it does not function so well for non-reflective objects and users would be required to hold the device to their eye and may have to wait for longer periods for the distance to be analyzed.

Also, the device does not come with advanced features and is only robust on basic specifications that the golfer would require on the course. You are sure that with this device, you would not be stranded while playing golf. However, some features which you would like to be on the red hot to are rather absent. Features like magnification.

Having said this, I would not recommend this product for professional players but it does come with very impressive specifications.

Review Overview

Design: 5

Features: 3

Component: 3

Price: 5​

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