Leupold GX4i Golf Rangefinder Reviews

Leupold GX4i Golf rangefinder is considered the next best thing or improvement in the category of a rangefinders, especially with its good and quality build made of rugged aluminium. In addition to its build, it is equipped with a red OLED display which helps give out a clear view of the distance regardless of the background.

Alongside it is a yellow faceplate which allows this range finder to provide slope- adjusted distances, or even provide club recommendations. Although, it is considered to have the highest price point in its category, it offers a variety of capabilities such as, a six times magnification with crisp display, an improved laser, faster distance reading, and all this for a lightweight device of just eight ounces.

Who Is It For?

Basically designed for the convenience and to guide the new golfers, the Leupold GX 4i rangefinder will give them an ease of use to help them get a good grasp and get use to the field they will be playing in. 

leupold gx4i golf rangefinder review

However, with its slope, altitude and temperature adjustment feature amongst other addition technology innovations, it is a quality product for those who had been playing golf for a long time.


  • Vivid OLED Display

This is an organic light emitting diode, which helps in making the distances easy to read, as these are used to create a digital display; it is considered to be far superior when compared with the standard LCD displays.

  • Slope, Altitude and Temperature adjustment Reading

The slope feature of the GX4i comes with a quality optics which gives out a ballistic algorithm which is helpful for the different kinds of slopes that you may come across.

This rangefinder also allows in an adjustment to give out an accurate distance reading regardless of the different altitudes and temperature that you can be playing on.

  • SCAN Mode

The SCAN mode of the GX4i rangefinder allows the golfer have multiple readings in just one quick scan of the field, by simply holding down the power button, you will be provided with an accurate line of site measurement.

  • Optical System

In able to provide a clear optics, accurate ranging, and appropriate lighting to name a few, the engineers of Leupold had gathered in to use top notch optical products that are in the market.

Pros & Cons

  • pros
  • cons

• This rangefinder is easy to setup and easy to gauge in for use, particularly when it comes to making adjustments.

• It is like having two range finders in one, all depending on which faceplate is attached; there is the chrome faceplate for serious players, and the yellow faceplate for those golfing just for fun.

• Amongst the other range finders in the market, the GX4i can read in atmospheric conditions in its distance calculations; it can even tell you which club you must hit.

• It is also weather proof with a two year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can the reticle in my scope be changed?

A. Yes, you may. The Leupold has a custom shop that can customize and install a variety of reticle in most of their products.

Q. How is the Battery Life of the GX4i?

A. Battery life is expected to last for about one year, but you have to remember that it also depends on how much you use it.

Q. What do I do if and when I have troubles in reading?

A. This is a rare issue, but if you encounter this one, before you contact manufacturer’s support you may try adjusting the focus for your eyes.

Q. Is the GX4i allowed to be used for competitions?

A. No, this rangefinder is not legally allowed to be used in golf competitions.

Final Verdict

Even with the adjustments and improvements done for the GX4i rangefinder of Leupold, overall is not really a whole lot of an innovation compared to its predecessor.

Yes, it is a great product and I recommend it for the golfers who are serious player (even if this is not allowed in competitions) and those who has golf as a hobby. It has a lot of features that will help in giving out more accuracy and helping you hit the right club.

Choosing this rangefinder is not a bad choice as it will surely give in a clear and quality optics, and accurate readings, although, it can be a bit expensive which is why you must think it through and consider all features and capabilities before investing.

Review Overview

1. Design – 4.5 out of 5

2. Performance – 5 out of 5

3. Components – 4.5 out of 5

4. Price – 3.9 out of 5

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