Why Do Golfers Choose Using Rangefinders? 4 Ultimate Tips

Golf is one of the popular parts of sports. A golf is a combination of clubs, a ball that likes to play at large field under the sky. The large field that called Golf Course. People like to play golf to entertain themselves. There are many people choose the game as their life ambition. The beginner and professional both need a specific instrument to play golf. People access clubs by which they hit the ball. At the golf course, where 18 holes use in 2 part. 9 holes use in the first part where golfer hit the ball on the flag stake area. Last part they need to score by in the ball inside the hole. Now the point is, how to measure the distance at first part when they hit the ball on flag stake area. Many professionals recommend a rangefinder for golf to measure the distance. It helps them to identify the ball.

Question is why need a rangefinder for a golf game? In reply to say, golf is a game that plays at course. When ones hit the ball on air, a rangefinder keeps the ball visible. Make easier to measure distance. To build your golf profession at high profile, then you need a rangefinder. The benefit of using golf rangefinder notes given in below:

The Benefit of Using a Golf Rangefinder:

  • The Beginning Golf Journey

The novice needs to practice a lot at the golf course. Expert suggest them to focus on 9 holes part. In this part, the golfer needs to hit the ball on air to another area. Problem is how to find the ball and which distance it goes. The solution brings by using a rangefinder. Typically it looks like a binocular that visible to the eye. At practice or tournament, ideal to use golf rangefinder to identify the shot.

  • Measure Shot Accuracy

Rangefinder is recommended for a professional golfer. To win a golf tournament, they keep practice at the outdoor golf course. They keep rangefinder with clubs. It helps them to measure target point accurately. About 360 yards or more size of golf course use to play. In large place, without a rangefinder strokes unable to measure distance point. So the professional use rangefinder to measure the accuracy of their stroke.

  • Speed Track

Golf is a physical game which uses hand and full body together. A golfer needs to be strong physically to stroke the ball. When the ball hit on the air, the ball goes through another area. It's difficult to see the ball with empty eyes. To calculate the speed of the ball, its better idea to use a rangefinder. In the big tournament, where game officials use a rangefinder with speed meter. To win a tournament, the golfer needs a rangefinder to focus on ball speed.

  • Self-Belief Build

The Golfer need to build their faith in their skill as well as their performance. There are many golfers lost their self-confidence by unable to measure the distance. It impacts their performance. By the golf rangefinder user, they can confidently stand in the tournament and play like a brave. The belief in their self. So they stroke the ball and at the time they able to accurately measure the distance.

For your golf profession, you can understand the importance of using a rangefinder. Above the feature, hope clear the concept of urgency a rangefinder for golf. There are different types of the rangefinder in the market. You may think which type you want to pick. In that case, I can give you a shortlist suggestion.

If you like to access a perfect rangefinder for your golf profession than you can use:

Types of Rangefinder:

  1. Laser rangefinder
  2. GPS Rangefinder

Between two, you can access any one of them. Let’s brief on this rangefinder feature that helps you to pick your niche:

LASER Rangefinder:

A Laser rangefinder has the capability to capture point and shoot like a camera. It helps the user to focus the place perfectly. This type of tool requires batter to run. It measures the distance well like hundred yards or more. For your golf profession, at 360-yard golf course, you can use. When you stroke the ball, you can calculate the distance. Besides, it has lightweight feature. The laser rangefinder is the best to point is you can use in all season like rainy days. Price can be little higher. But it works very good and matches for your profession.

GPS Rangefinder:

GPS Rangefinder is a Satellite feature product that measures the distances. It focuses color, screen, and speed tracking. At the golf course, you can use it to measure target holes. Before the stroke, turn on the GPS Satellite. It only focuses on the fixed point. 18 holes big golf course which not determined by a GPS rangefinder. Fixed whole focus product best fit for small yard field. Like on the golf course, GPS can focus on a specific point, not the whole areas.

Above the features, you manage yourself to identify your particular golf rangefinder. In most cases, the professional golfer uses Laser rangefinder. Thought its high price, but they concern about their game goal. For your golf career, you can follow them.

VIDEO: How to choose the perfect rangefinder for your game


Many of the golfers have a misconception to use or not a rangefinder. Some of them think too much about extra investment matter. But the professional use rangefinder to make their high profile career. Golf is not a simple game. It’s a game of hand strength, foot stance and eye sharpness test. A golfer has to physically stronger. Though hit on-air, another factor stands for distance measurement. So this matter can solve by a rangefinder. To check your stroke, distance accuracy ideally, you need a golf rangefinder. It's better to use laser rangefinder that helps you to view the distance. Battery used tool help you to carry and use smartly. To become a professional golfer, you need a rangefinder.

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